Mama Donato’s Pizzeria
at Escape the Park


NOW OPEN! Mama Donato’s Pizzeria at Escape the Park! As you navigate the mysteries of our thrilling escape rooms, you’ll no doubt work up an appetite. Our pizzeria is the perfect place to refuel and celebrate your team’s success, or strategize for your next adventure. At our pizzeria, we’re all about bringing people together over mouth watering pizzas, just like our escape rooms bring people together to create lasting memories.

Our handcrafted pizza uses only the freshest ingredients and is baked to perfection in our double stacked stone decked pizza ovens. We offer a wide range of delicious pizza options, from classic NY style regulars all the way up to “The Toddfather,” inspired by our family stories and our flare for the dramatic, our pies will have you saying Mama Mia!

There’s more to this place than it seems. You’ll be surrounded by an atmosphere that reflects the excitement and intrigue of being stranded on Highway 49 back in the day. We hope you’re hungry, cause you’re gonna be here awhile. Luckily for you they have a pay phone and serve some great food here! But is that all? There’s something up with that wrecker company, The Blind Pig.


Wednesday & Thursday 12-8
Friday & Saturday 12-9
Sunday 12-8

Mama Donatos Pizza